Innovation and legal, technical and business counseling for human food and feed activities.

We innovate

CoFood aim is to satisfy the customer, taking care of the exploit, safeguard and development of any firm know-how.

We ward

Legal counseling of CoFood is based on the pivotal relationship between law and technic. CoFood places efforts on formation to enhance cooperation and sharing.

We cooperate

CoFood  inter-professional network valorizes any talent for cooperation.


CoFood is a professional network, on a national level, available for operators on human food and animal feed. The Network valorizes all the contributes derived from each and different professionist belonging to the network itself.


CoFood was born from resourcefulness shared by six professionists from the food, legal, commercial and medical areas.

Marco Battaglia, Andrea Iurato, Danilo Ciciulla, Riccardo Schininà, Davide Cilìa and Gianfrancesco Cormaci.

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