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Marco Battaglia | CoFood

Marco Battaglia

Food Technologist
Food technologist and Ph.D. for the agro-food system. CoFood founder and CEO. He believes that Italy and Europe cannot hold over about bugs as food, it is the future, huge opportunities for environment and economy.
Andrea Iurato | CoFood

Andrea Iurato


Lawyer and PhD in public law. Expert in criminal and civilian law, safety and quality for foods, supplements and cosmetics.

Danilo Ciciulla | CoFood

Danilo Ciciulla

Food Technologist

Food technologist and owner of patents in the area of celiac disease bakery.

Riccardo Schinina | CoFood

Riccardo Schininà


Lawyer expert in civilian law. Legal counseling and assistance to companies and private persons, with special regard for job law and forethought, family law, banking , policies  and agreements.

Davide Cilia | CoFood

Davide Cilia

Business Consultant

On-duty business consultant and PhD in business administration.  Level 2 master in Company Intelligence.

Gianfrancesco Cormaci | CoFood

Gianfrancesco Cormaci


Physician, Biochemist and PhD in Neurobiology.  Owner of patents in the area of celiac disease bakery.

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