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Counseling in the food, supplements and fodders

  • Safety and hygiene
  • Quality and certifying conditions;
  • Labeling;
  • Administrative fulfillments;
  • Fulfillments in the supplement and innovation areas;
  • Europen and foreign markets;
  • Enrollment and protection on brand names and patents;
  • Relationship with Official Control Authorities and other competent public offices and charges;
  • Administrative approvals;
  • Food criminal expertise.

Attività stragiudiziale e giudizialeJuridical activities and more

  • CoFood customers are offered with an opportunity to stipulate helpful agreements with the legal office Schininà & Partners (Ragusa – Bologna).

In-line, plants and machineries

  • Couseling, designing, co-working and partnership with engineers in the area


  • Formulations
  • Novel foods
  • Foods for special and/or medical conditions;
  • Safety, quality standards and nutritional properties;
  • Counseling on raw materials and additives.


  • National, European and international labeling;
  • Counseling and achievement;
  • Nutritional properties;
  • Nutritional claims;
  • Special foods (medical area);
  • Plus, claims and nutritional properties (feed sector)
  • Clean labeling, ethics, certified animal care.


  • Couseling, designing, co-working and partnership with engineers in the area;
  • Counseling on machines and packaging materials;
  • Counseling and cliché optimization.

Environment topics

  • Recovery and reutilization of wastes to address them for fertilisers and other zootechnical raw materials, in agreement with European CE n° 1069/2009.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) computing and evaluation.

Food safety and certification

  • HACCP manuals
  • Counseling and implementation for:
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 22000
    • ISO 22002
    • ISO 22005
    • UNI 10854
    • BRC
    • BRC-IOP (GSPP)
    • BRC Storage and Distribution
    • BRC Agents and Brokers
    • IFS Food
    • IFS Logistic
    • GMP+
    • Organic food
    • Vegan food
    • AIC (gluten free)
    • Certifications of Origins (DOP, IGP, DOC, IGT)
  • Pre-audits;
  • Internal audit for customers, suppliers and outsourcers.


  • Direct inspection of the status;
  • Counseling, actualization and/or supervision for any anti-infestation plan.
  • Analysis and management on financials (evaluation on company abilities);
  • Fiscal duties (payments, communication, dossiers, forms);
  • Assistance for simple or ordinary accounting;
  • Business plans: balance expectations and start-up planning;
  • Risk analysis (production, safety, finance);
  • Corporate acts and private writings;
  • Regulations on anti-recycling;
  • Safety and formation on Leg. Decree 81/2008.
  • Current and potential market analyses;
  • Marketing plans and placements;
  • Research and development for trading customers in-country and/or international agribusiness.
  • Personal newsletters on legal and technical update;
  • Designing and specific formation plans concerning current agribusiness regulations;
  • HACCP, quality and management, integrated systems, certification management, food safety, prevention and management of food risks;
  • Specific formation on company request;
  • Teaching on location or in agreement buildings.
  • Brainstorming;
  • Formulation and assistance for patents;
  • Novel foods;
  • Solution of allergies on food roots, medical purposes (human) or dedicated nutrition (petfood);
  • Innovation on processing;
  • Innovation on the product;
  • Collaboration and networking with public and private research institutions.

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CoFood 360

Advice and expert assistance for technical, legal, administrative and commercial. Comprehensive advice for all business issues.

CoFood TecLaw

Advice and specialized assistance of technical and legal nature addressed to productive aspects.

CoFood Market

Implementation of marketing and sales support plans.

CoFood Check

Screening service for companies which provides the customer, with a picture on the operating status and well-being of the company in terms of efficiency, quality, growth prospects and legal risk.