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Counseling in the food, feed, supplements and fodders

  • Safety and hygiene
  • Quality and certifying conditions;
  • Labeling;
  • Administrative fulfillments;
  • Fulfillments in the supplement and innovation areas;
  • Europen and foreign markets;
  • Enrollment and protection on brand names and patents;
  • Relationship with Official Control Authorities and other competent public offices and charges;
  • Administrative approvals;
  • Food criminal expertise.

Attività stragiudiziale e giudizialeJuridical activities and more

  • CoFood customers are offered with an opportunity to stipulate helpful agreements with the legal office Schininà & Partners (Ragusa – Bologna).

Agro-food technologies

  • consultancy and development on food and feed processing and packaging technologies
  • consultancy and development on food and feed formulations
  • design layout of production plants, consultancy and assistance in choosing machinery and equipment
  • formula and process optimization for production of feed with particular nutritional purposes
  • formula and process optimization to produce food for special medical purposes
  • formula and process optimization for food production with nutritional and health claims
  • safety, quality and nutritional standards of the product
  • consultancy on raw materials and additives
  • agricultural design
  • consultancy on packaging systems and materials
  • printing cliché consultancy and optimization

Food and feed labelling

Consulting about and labelling writing up, national and abroad marktes, is operated due to the cooperation of food technologists and lawyer skilled in food labelling and laws.

  • processing of a new label for food and feed starting from the production data and considering the sales market
  • legal evaluation and validation of product label (analysis of content to verify the compliance with the regulations of the sales market)
  • verification and technical-legal validation of product label (legal verification and validation, plus analysis of single ingredients, allergens and nutritional calculations / analyzes)
  • calculation of nutritional tables from official databases (EU, USA, Canada) or analysis by affiliated and accreditated laboratories
  • nutritional and health claims
  • special medical purposes (food sector) verification
  • plus, claims and particular nutritional purposes (feed sector)
  • clean labeling, ethics, animal care certified

Shelf life and expiration date

The term shelf-life indicates the period of time within the level of palatability is acceptable, and the compliance with the analytical and safety standards of a food can be considered guaranteed.
Its evaluation takes into consideration the production technologies, the formulation, the packaging, the chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics of the packaged food.
The importance of its evaluation is first and foremost food security, it is the operator's duty to place healthy products on the market and to maintain them throughout their commercial life, precisely shelf-life.
Having ascertained the food safety limit, the study of shelf-life is fundamental to evaluate the stability of the product from a sensory point of view (taste, aroma, color, crunchiness, friability, etc.) and chemical-physical (for example, stability of an emulsion ).
The study of shelf-life is also useful in the case of seizures / litigation with public authorities.

What services do we offer?

  • Analytical shelf life: analysis of chemical and microbiological parameters with determination of the minimum storage term (expiration date, to be consumed preferably)
  • Predictive microbiology: development of mathematical models for the prediction of growth, survival and inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms in the food matrix under storage conditions
  • Challenge test: inoculation of the microrganism test and study of behavior under storage conditions

Design, development and start-up

  • Coaching start-up ideas;
  • Study of innovative solutions;
  • formulations and assistance for patents;
  • novel foods;
  • search of solutions for hypoallergenic foods, for special medical purposes (food sector) and for particular nutritional purposes (feed sector);
  • process innovation
  • product innovation
  • collaboration and networking with public and private research institutions

Cooperation with Rural Choice

  • agricultural design
  • rural development by EU fund
  • closure of the agri-food supply chain
  • food scouting
  • agricultural business network

Implementation of certification and food safety systems

  • implementation and consulting for single or integrated systems:
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 22000 - ISO 22002 -  ISO 22005
    • BRC - BRC-IOP (GSPP) - BRC Storage and Distribution -  BRC Agents and Brokers
    • IFS Food - IFS Logistic
    • GMP+
    • Organic product
    • Vegan
    • AIC
    • DOP, IGP, DOC, IGT
  • pre-audits
  • internal audit

Technical service for export in the USA

  • food Safety Plan
  • FDA registration
  • Food Canned Establishment registration (acid and low-acid canned food, LACF)
  • SID numbers
  • qualified facility
  • PCQI service
  • Analysis and management on financials (evaluation on company abilities);
  • Fiscal duties (payments, communication, dossiers, forms);
  • Assistance for simple or ordinary accounting;
  • Business plans: balance expectations and start-up planning;
  • Risk analysis (production, safety, finance);
  • Corporate acts and private writings;
  • Regulations on anti-recycling;
  • Safety and formation on Leg. Decree 81/2008.
  • Current and potential market analyses;
  • Marketing plans and placements;
  • Research and development for trading customers in-country and/or international agribusiness.

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